Szczecin's automotive industry 1919 - 1967 Permanent exhibitions

The Alba, our oldest motorcycle, dates from 1919 and was manufactured in Mierzyn near Szczecin. It had no gearbox, and no clutch, either. The stoewer car, junak and iskra motorcycles ... »

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Polish prototypes Permanent exhibitions

In 1978, a six-wheel four-wheel drive amphibian was built at Wojskowy Instytut Techniki Pancernej i Samochodowej (Military Institute of Armour and Car Technology) in Sulejowek. This ... »

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The history of transportation in Szczecin Permanent exhibitions

It was been until July 4, 1897 that an electric tram first carried the citizens of Szczecin. Thirty years later, a shipment of 40 tram-cars was delivered to the city from factories ... »

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Other exhibitions Permanent exhibitions

- People's Republic of Poland's cars: syrena, fiat, mikrus, nysa, polonez, formula Ester racer. - Motorcycles of the Second Polish Republic: sokol, moj, tornedo, podkowa. - One-track ... »

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What are we? - a Classic's Stop

What are the hen hunter, the sock, the shell, the princess, the granny, the sock, the roaming pipe, the galloping old mare, the roadside queen, the dymisnierusos? These are all names given to the syrena, the most beloved car in the early era of the People's Republic of Poland, much as that love was unrequited.

The Museum of Technology and Transport in Szczecin is full of vehicles that Poles used to be so much in love with.

The WFM motorcycle was called "uncle's Frank motorbike", the Fiat 126p was called either "the Fatal Imitation of an Automobile for Tourists, a 1-passenger 2-door 6-time overpaid car", or "the coughy". Its older brother, the Fiat 125p, was known as "the dresser" or "the clumsy one". The Jelcz bus was called "the cucumber", and the GT6 tram - "the fritz".

Vehicles that earned themselves a nickname can now be found only in our museum. Nobody gives names to cars designed by a computer. Come pay us a visit - your first wheels are waiting.

Ticket prices

  • Regular ticket - 10 PLN
  • Reduced-fare ticket - 5 PLN
  • Family ticket - 24 PLN
  • Group ticket - 5 PLN
  • "Eureka" interactive exhibition - 4 PLN extra charge.
  • Reduced tickets: pensioners, school children, full-time studies students.

How to get

Tram route 3: starting from Pomorzany, with a stop located right in front of the museum's gate.

Other important stops: railway station, bus station, Brama Portowa, Rodla Square.

In the immediate vicinity of the museum (several minutes' walk) there are tram stops (route 12 and 2) and bus stops: B (running from Prawobrze┼╝e), 53 (from the Zawadzkiego housing estate), 63 (from Skolwin) and 87 (from Warszewo).

There is a car park located in the museum's courtyard.

Lunch for groups in the Cafe Bar Depot 10% cheaper than in the tab (for groups of more than 10 people). Booking: Tel. 91-45-99-272 or mail zajezdnia. szczecin@gmail. com