Polish brands of the interwar period

Our great-grandparents pulled it off

They had from autumn of 1918 until autumn of 1939. They had to build a state, an army, a defence industry, aviation, food processing, a rail network, courts, a port, government offices; they had to write a constitution, a penal code and a civil code...
They liberated a country that had been destroyed by war, comprising three pieces connected to Berlin, Vienna and Moscow by hundreds of ties ? from rails, through currency, work culture and regulations. Along the way they had to win a few more wars and uprisings.
They left behind a legacy that is still bearing fruit in our lives today. In politics we argue like Dmowski and Piłsudski; we fly on the airplanes of the carrier they brought to life; we pay with złotys, which they introduced into circulation.
We could name a long list of things to admire. In our exhibition, we tell the stories of the brands They created and that have survived. Wedel, Stomil, LOT, Ursus, Łucznik, Azoty.
We?re thankful, we use these things, we don?t waste them.

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