Cars of the Socialist State

Skoda, Wartburg and Trabant were household names in Poland. If it weren?t for them, 99% of the cars on Communist-era Poland?s streets would have been Fiats. In our exhibition, you can admire cars from ...


In the 1950s, a trend for very small cars took hold in World War II-ravaged Europe. West Germany was the leading manufacturer. Its failing aircraft factories ? which no longer had a need to produce Dornier, ...

Stoewer: quality from Szczecin

Collection related to the Szczecin factories of the Stoewer family. Bernhard Stoewer made sewing machines, typewriters and bicycles. His sons Emil and Bernhard Jr set up a car factory.

Motoring 1919-1944

Motoring 1954-1967

Motoring PRL

Polish prototypes

Motorcycles of the II RP

Communication history

Other exhibitions

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