25 VI

We are opening on Saturday, 26 June.

We are opening on Saturday, 26 June.

Beginning 26 June, the public is once again invited to the Museum of Technology and Transport in Szczecin. The back rooms remain under renovation, but the main gallery will also be open for the exhibition of items from rooms that are being renovated: sewing machines, typewriters and Stoewer cars.

Opening hours:

Monday: closed

Tuesday (free admission): 10 – 15 

Wednesday: 10 – 16

Thursday: 10 – 16 

Friday: 10 – 18 

Saturday: 10 – 18 

Sunday: 10 – 17

The museum will be able to host a maximum of 50 visitors at one time.

Parking in the museum’s courtyard is not available to visitors due to the renovation and expansion of the museum. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We look forward to seeing you.

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