Szczecin's automotive industry 1919 - 1967

The Alba, our oldest motorcycle, dates from 1919 and was manufactured in Mierzyn near Szczecin. It had no gearbox, and no clutch, either. The stoewer car, junak and iskra motorcycles as well as smyk microcar were also built in Szczecin. Our Stoewer V5 was manufactured at the Auto-Stoewer-Werke-AG factory located at Falkenwalder Strasse (today known as Wojska Polskiego Alley) in Szczecin in 1932. Cars built in Szczecin were some of the best in Europe. The Stoewer V5 was the first car in Germany, and one of the first cars in the world, to be equipped with front-wheel drive. Besides the V5, there are two more stoewer cars in our museum - a sedina and a greif junior. After WWII, Szczecin still played its part in the European automotive industry. Junak heavy motorcycles were manufactured at the former Stoewer factory. They were expensive, so the number of buyers dropped quickly. The factory struggled to save its skin; prototypes for a new motorcycle, the Iskra, and a microcar, the Smyk, were designed. Neither the Smyk nor the Iskra entered mass production - and so those two models occupy a place of honour in our museum.

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